Harbourfront Restaurant Cafe Bar

When thinking of an escape from the daily grind, think of the Harbourfront Restaurant Cafe Bar. Overlooking the stunning Wollongong Harbour at Belmore Basin, The Harbourfront is in an ideal and picturesque location. Ocean and mountain views surround diners, while an intimate and modern decor adds a touch of luxury to every dining experience.

Boasting Wollongong’s most famous views of the ocean, The Harbourfront offers a culinary extravaganza to excite the palate while the outlook soothes the soul.

With over 20 years of fine dining experience, the restaurant offers an indulgent memory of luxurious dining to last a lifetime. The silver service, exquisite food and fine wines will linger in the mind long after the meal has ended.

With three stunning waterfront levels, the Harbourfront offers 3 menus for day and evening dining. The Al a Carte menu, the chef’s Early Bird specials and the Cafe menu cater for all tastes and desires.

Serving the freshest local produce, The Harbourfront offers a range of cuisine to tempt even the most discerning of diners. The selection includes produce from the land and the sea including the chef’s sumptuous Seafood Platters, fresh local snapper fillets wrapped in prosciutto and enriched with a light white wine, lemon and herb emulsion, through to the classic Prime Rib eye fillet served with giant pan-fried King prawns dressed in a creamy garlic sauce.

The Harbourfront Restaurant has worked in conjunction with various Australian wineries to hand select the finest wines to compliment every meal. Whether it be a smooth Margaret River Sauvignon Blanc or a bold Barossa Shiraz, every meal has a wine to match its flavours.

At the Harbourfront, it is a solid belief that every dining experience should be special, from the surroundings, to the company and the service provided. Whether it be a romantic dinner for two, or an event for 100, the Harbourfront caters for it all.

The Harbourfront Restaurant Cafe Bar..... brilliant by day, stunning by night!