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May 21, 2019

Vibrant design festival soon to kick off

by OutInWollongong 9 November 2015

Wollongong and the capital have much in common when it comes to the world of design. We enjoy a vibrant cultural life. We share a passion for local artists and designers. We embrace the wonderful contribution that architects, interior designers, craftspeople and others make to our cities and to us as individuals.

If you love all things design, consider heading to Canberra for DESIGN Canberra, which kicks off in just a couple of weeks, on 21 November. This is the capital’s biggest design festival, dishing up close to 70 activities featuring more than 750 participants. There’s something for everyone and all ages, including the kids. Many activities are free.

Held 21 to 29 November, including over two weekends, this nine-day festival puts you in direct touch with Canberra’s fast-changing and evolving vibrant and diverse design community.

So what can you expect from the festival? The opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of design. You’ll be able to create, connect and collaborate by participating in these five streams:

ACTivate—Explore an ACTivated Canberra CBD through pop-up exhibitions, installations, studios and shops featuring the diverse work of some of the capital’s most innovative designers.

Capital of CULTURE—See Canberra in a whole new light through exclusive guided tours of architectural and cultural landscape around the city, led by designers, architects and artists.

DESIGN Buzz—Engage in vibrant discussions on big ideas, creative thinking, design for social change, and Canberra’s urban future through a unique conversation and lecture series with national and international experts and speakers.

Living Artists—Gain exclusive insights into the innovative work of some of Canberra’s best local artists and design firms through tours of their inspiring studios and working spaces.

Exhibitions— Experience exciting art, craft and design through exhibitions hosted in premier galleries.

The best way to make sure you don’t miss anything throughout the festival is to take time to explore the extensive program and map out a plan of attack. Plan a day trip or a weekend away.

Remember when trawling through the program, that some events are held throughout the entire nine days, at heaps of places in the city and surrounds. Others will ‘pop up’ over several days and some on just one day. Drop-ins are welcome for many. Some require bookings.

The full program festival is on www.designcanberrafestival.com.au

DESIGN Canberra is an initiative of Craft ACT: Craft and Design Centre.

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Workshop Level, Jeremy Lepisto (artist), Further from Here, 2015. Image: Paul Foster.
one ov one: Zepharine designed by Leonie Gill. Image: Courtesy of the designer.
Mi Wallet: unique paper wallet by Domingo Morchio. Image: Courtesy of the designer.
Claudia Owen, Alchemy Silk Scarf. Image: Courtesy of the designer.
Cox Architecture office. Image: Adam McGrath

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